The Big Move

It's official -- I no longer live in Cambridge. My family moved up to Exeter, New Hampshire, to pursue a fantastic career opportunity for my husband. I don't quite miss the city buzz yet, it's just too pretty and quaint here. I write this from the public library, which is small and sweet and reminds me of the library that I spent billions of hours in as a child. The whole town radiates this sweetness and I look forward to getting to know people in the area, connecting with kindred spirits, and of course attending births. While I've been at a number of home births this past year, I haven't attended any hospital births because I've been nursing and didn't want to be away from my baby for too long. Now that it's been almost thirteen months, I think we're both ready. I'm excited about the local hospital and its support for VBAC moms, and would love to get back to teaching classes. So, here's to a new year in a new town, new possibilities, and new friends.

Let go, stand empty, welcome truth.

My Kashmiri Postpartum Bath