Home Birth Documents



Thank you for choosing me as your midwife! It is truly an honor to accompany you and your family as you welcome your child into this world. Here you will find documents specific for birthing at home.

What to Expect from Home Birth Care

Home Birth Contract (PDF):

  • Informed Consent for Out of Hospital Birth

  • Informed Disclosure for Midwifery Care

  • Financial Agreement

  • Personal Responsibility Agreement

Birth Supplies List

Informed Consent Forms




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MANA Stats

I participate in a national effort among out of hospital midwives to gather anonymous data, with parents’ consent, about birth outcomes, in order to produce much-needed peer-reviewed scholarship about home and birth center birth.

Insurance & Billing

As a NH licensed midwife, I am an out of network provider in the state of New Hampshire. Insurance companies (except for Medicaid and certain specific companies such as Tri-Care) are required to cover midwifery care in New Hampshire. However, each company is different and each plan is different.

I work with Cohosh Billing, a small female-owned medical billing company that specializes in home birth midwifery. They charge a $35 fee to verify your insurance benefits, providing an estimate of your reimbursement (that form is here). For a fee, they will submit your claims and pursue the maximum reimbursement.