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Sacred Postpartum Summit: Herbalism in the Postpartum

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Plant medicines offer incredible resources towards healing, nourishment, rebalancing and emotional integration in the postpartum. In this presentation, midwife and herbalist Krystina Friedlander will describe her approach to the postpartum period, exploring some of the main challenges as well as herbs that she works with to support women in the wild weeks after their baby’s birth.

This presentation will include an overview of the main herbal actions that are relevant to the postpartum, including warming, nourishing, promoting lactation and tissue healing, and supporting the liver. She covers plants that may be new to many, but also explores herbs and spices that most of us already have in our kitchen cabinet or are readily available at the grocery store. Her intention is for pregnant and postpartum mamas to feel empowered to use plant medicine, starting with the herbs and spices that are within reach.