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Herbal Allies for the Postpartum Period

  • Relief Parenting 387 Lafayette Road Unit 204 Hampton, NH, 03842 United States (map)

In traditional medical systems, the postpartum is considered an especially vulnerable period in a person’s life. The physical challenges of pregnancy and childbirth require a period of rest—often specified as 40 days of complete rest and support—to allow the body to recuperate. Beyond physical recuperation, it is the beginning of a new relationship between the birthing parent and their baby, and the baby’s family.

In contemporary dominant western culture, and especially in the United States, the postpartum period is disregarded; parents are often expected to return to work within a few weeks or sooner. Lack of support, inappropriate foods, and lack of awareness around the parent’s special physical, psychological, and emotional needs have made the postpartum a serious challenge for American families. Family, friends, and community members, doulas and other birthworkers, and practitioners of various healing modalities, provide invaluable support to families during this special time, and can help a parent and their baby get off to the best start, setting the tone for the months and years to come.

This class introduces the use of herbs as teas, in foods, and in other preparations, as a means to relieve common challenges of the postpartum period. I will distinguish between safe, general approaches, and specific treatments that require referral to a trained herbalist or other appropriate practitioner.

Cost is $50. This workshop is being offered as part of a DONA CEU weekend and this class is approved for 2 DONA CEU contact hours. For a complete list of classes offered, please see