Wellness Consultations

I approach wellness consultations as a midwife and as an herbalist, giving you insight on your health history and connections to your current health. I can also offer lab work for in-person clients to assess for nutritional deficiencies, hormone levels, and more.

My primary focus is reproductive health, especially fertility, pregnancy, and the postpartum, as well as menstrual irregularities, polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, and other related challenges. 

Holistic Herbalism

Herbalism is the art and science of plant medicine, the original medicine. As an herbalist, I help people identify patterns of imbalance in their health and support them in empowering themselves to take responsibility for restoring that balance. I consider myself a companion more than a guide. I was trained by Madelon Hope and Tommy Priester in the tradition of North American herbalism, which has roots in indigenous medicine, European folk herbalism, and Galenic medicine. I have also benefited from my modest studies of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and my experiences with Unani healing in Kashmir.

It is my intention to see you as a whole person. In all of my work, I conscientiously reject mechanistic models that treat symptoms instead of underlying causes. And, I recognize that the underlying causes are diverse; a whole picture takes into account one's physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health, as well as seeing a person in relation to other individuals and communities in their lives.


However, often the herbs come last, and there are so many kinds of medicine that I work with. For example, food medicine is a critical component of our work together, and by that I don’t mean that I’m going to force you to impose discipline on your eating. Rather, we’ll take a look at what your eating patterns are, identify areas where we can make realistic changes to support your overall goals, and then take it day by day as you need to make it work for you. We’ll also discuss healthy foods and possible supplements. Other aspects include the quality of rest, stillness, and reflection in your life; movement and exercise; stress management; anxiety and depression; posture; the impacts of trauma; being in  nature, and more.


What to Expect

An initial consultation is $100-$150 (sliding scale) and takes anywhere between 1-2 hours. Follow up consultations are $50-75 per hour. All consults are over Skype or a similar platform.


When we arrange an initial consultation, I will ask that you complete a health questionnaire and provide a three-day food journal. During an initial session, I want to hear your story. I will ask questions about your health history and connect the dots between elements that might seem separate, but which I understand as connected: mind and body, for example, or health episodes in childhood that may not seem relevant to today. 

I identify specific herbs or combinations of herbs that can assist you in restoring balance to your health. Each plant has a different set of actions, constituents, and even its own personality, and we draw on these allies to address your specific concerns and goals. Though some may be effective in acute situations, more often they take a few months to work on the underlying causes. Our work together will involve support, attention to your body, and patience.

Following an initial session, I will send you a list of herbs to purchase. At this time I am not preparing and shipping formulations, but I will direct you to local businesses or websites that provide organic, ethically-sourced medicines. Once you begin treatment, we will reconnect after three months. At any time, you may send me questions.

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