Childbirth Consultation

There are so many options available to parents around birth, not all of which are openly discussed by medical care providers. There is so much information and “data” about birth, which may be overwhelming to wade through. There are so many ways to plan ahead for birth, but it may be challenging to discern what best meets your individual needs. Want to talk about it?

I offer consults on a sliding scale. I ask for $50 an hour, but you know your situation, so will accept $20-$50 an hour. I do consults globally over Skype, FaceTime, or Facebook Messenger. If you'd like, we can bring together multiple topics over a series of sessions and do a whole childbirth class!


Things we can discuss:

  • Pain relief techniques
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Creating a “birth plan”
  • Water birth
  • Doula support
  • Provider options
  • Models of care
  • Home birth
  • Physiology of labor
  • Herbalism for pregnancy and birth
  • Holistic postpartum care
  • Creating a postpartum plan
  • Processing fear and managing anxiety