Childbirth Consultations

There are so many options available around pregnancy and birth, not all of which are completely explained by medical care providers. There is so much information about birth, which may be overwhelming to wade through. There are so many ways to plan ahead for birth, but it may be challenging to discern what best meets your individual needs. And sometimes you, YOU, your emotions, your spirituality, your beliefs, can get lost in it all, even as limiting beliefs show up in all sorts of ways. Want to talk?

"Percy," Jason Lander

"Percy," Jason Lander


I do consults globally over Skype, FaceTime, or Facebook Messenger. I usually spend up to two hours in conversation, for which I charge $200. I offer free consultations to low-income, teens, and recent immigrants and refugee populations.

Things we can discuss:

  • What are your options for a care provider, under what models do different providers operate, and where do you want to give birth?
  • What are your options in pregnancy, what are the routine tests and screens, how might you prepare for them, and what happens if you decline them?
  • What are your options in birth and for your newborn, and again, what happens if you decide to decline something? 
  • What are your intentions for your birth, your big ideas, your dreams and your desires? What do you need to put in place to make them a reality?
  • What are the (many!) different ways you can manage discomfort and pain in labor?
  • You're planning a VBAC and you need a place to start. What are the right questions to ask of your provider? What do you need in order to heal  yourself in order to step into your experience with power?
  • What are your fears? What do you need in order to process and move through fear and anxiety?
  • How do you communicate your expectations, desires, and preferences to your care provider, and what happens if they don't support you?