"A week or so after our son was born, Krystina came to check up on us and helped us create a placental print, which is so beautiful and I just love. Even now, when my son is almost five months old, she is still available and willing to help with anything we need. As I said before, I cannot recommend Krystina enough!" 

- Rachael A.

Midwifery Services

Full midwifery care for the childbearing year. This includes prenatal care through 6 weeks postpartum, all labs, a midwifery team at your home birth, newborn care, breastfeeding support, and more. I also support clients who anticipate a miscarriage, and offer a la carte services for families choosing unassisted birth.

Doula Services

Emotional and physical support before, during and after birth in the hospital, birth center, or for home birth. I also provide full spectrum doula support for those anticipating a miscarriage or an abortion.

Childbirth Education

I offer private and group HypnoBirthing classes, as well as childbirth classes tailored for you.


Wellness Care

Herbal, nutritional, and lifestyle counseling for a range of reproductive health challenges or for general preconception planning. I offer these in person or over the phone. For in-person clients, I can offer lab work to assess nutrition, hormone levels, and others.

As a midwife, I also offer pap smears, STD screening, pregnancy testing, preconception counseling, contraception counseling, and more. 

Birth Consultations

Information, feedback and support to explore options for pregnancy and birth, create a "birth plan," and hold space for your process. 

Fertility Awareness

A three-part course on natural birth control using the signs of fertility to determine when you're fertile to naturally avoid pregnancy or to plan a pregnancy.

Web Design for Birthworkers

I make pretty websites that connect midwives, doulas, and lactation consultants with clients. Custom web design for your midwifery, doula, or other birth business.