Holistic midwifery care from preconception through the postpartum.


Welcome! I provide home birth midwifery and childbirth doula services as well as holistic gynecological care in Boston through southeastern New Hampshire, supporting a broad range of reproductive health needs. 

Baraka is an Arabic word meaning blessing (berakhah in Hebrew), a warm and powerful essence that can linger in a place, a person, or an experience. We learn and grow through all of our fertility experiences, whether they be challenging or rewarding (and usually a mix of both). I believe that all people deserve compassionate, personalized, and professional care across the spectrum of fertility, pregnancy, loss, and wellness needs. 



I offer a range of services including full midwifery care through 6 weeks postpartum, doula/monitrice support, miscarriage support, childbirth education, annual wellness visits, herbal consultations, and more.

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Why Home Birth?

The number of American families choosing home birth is rising. People appreciate the personalized, continuous, low-intervention holistic care, but there are all sorts of reasons why someone might choose an out of hospital birth.

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What's a Doula? A Monitrice?

As a monitrice, my primary role is to provide labor support, but I also use midwifery skills to support you to labor at home for as long as possible before leaving for the hospital.

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"Life [exists] only because of a myriad of synchronicities that bring us to this particular place at this particular moment. In return for such a gift, the only sane response is to glitter in reply."

— Robin Wall Kimmerer