New Year

Last year I made a resolution to drop cynicism, completely. Alhamdulillah, because of that, this year I wouldn't have changed a thing. To me, cynicism is another form of arrogance, and at the root of arrogance is fear. Not that I'm unafraid of things, but I'm more afraid of the right things and less afraid of the wrong things. I just remembered that as I thought about all the amazing women that I've connected with this past year, and my doula training, and my many conversations with recent or soon-to-be mamas, and I think that my life has been so much more open in the past twelve months than it's ever been prior. Our Cairo trip is winding down and I'll be returning and regularly posting soon, inshAllah. I certainly have lots to talk about, including the Yemeni and Eritrean medicinal honeys we picked up, ostrich fat, black seed oil, bee pollen, and palm pollen. We're also planning a last minute trip down to an attar, a traditional apothecary, and so that will surely stir up some interesting tidbits. In the meantime, here's a disturbing article!

Childbirth Deaths from Spinal Anesthesia Rising, 12.24.10, Reuters

Waking Up From the Pill