Shatavari: A Fertility Friend

Happy spring! Here in Boston it’s not unusual to see snow continue through March, and yet the subtle signs of spring are beginning to shine through. The lilacs have tight buds of whorled leaves and just the other day I saw the first little crocus poking up through the soil near my home. Like the world around us, women’s bodies are subject to the same “seasons,” cycles of cooling and warming, dampness and dryness, inward retraction and outward expansion, and these cycles are reflected in our monthly and lifetime fertility. Optimal fertility is about more than getting pregnant and maintaining a pregnancy; healthy cycles are a reflection of women’s overall wellness.

This evening I'll be leading a workshop on fertility and herbalism at the Boston School of Herbal Studies. Head on over to Shannon Staloch's website, Birthrite, for a peek at shatavari, one of the wonderful herbs I'll be discussing.

The quickening

Infant eczema? Start with the gut.