A Better Way to Give Birth

Happy Mother's Day! I'm celebrating my first Mother's Day by spending it with my own mother and my baby girl. I've been radio silent for the past couple of months but have so many stories to tell, from my recent trip to Kashmir and meeting a 105 year old midwife, to scaling the Himalayas with a nine-month old. In the meantime, I'm very excited to share an opinion piece I wrote published today on CNN.com, thinking about how our overuse of modern technologies is a factor in America's unacceptably high maternal mortality rate:

That mothers die around the world from a lack of access to modern health care is well known. Less known is how our own country's excessive dependence on modern health care for the natural process of childbirth can harm and in some cases kill.

... How did we get here? I would argue that as childbirth in the United States moved from the home to the hospital, mothers lost one of the most effective resources for healthy childbirth: midwives.

Read more at CNN.

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