Love is...

Love is celebrating the friendships that I have cultivated over the years, having begun to learn what friendship is truly about. Love is my husband. Love is being there for the people in my life in ways that are sometimes challenging. Love is what comes out, distilled, from the challenges. Love is staying up all night with a friend who is having her baby, where she is the only thing in the entire world that matters in that moment. Love is accompanying a friend through her abortion, and being with her when she walks through this experience that she never thought she'd have, and not having to have it alone. Love is what we have for our sisters and brothers when we add our single voice to the one billion rising, speaking out on behalf of all women in all places. Love is there in the commitment to justice and peace. These are just some of the things that it's all about for me, and I hope it only gets richer and richer. Happy V-Day y'all. Addendum: I think I am in Friend Love with You, Yumi Sakugawa

Birth in a Refugee Camp

Orientalism, still sexy.